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I’m not an engineer, so creating my DVD, “Depression What You Must Know,” and my Podcast, “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed with Dr. Mike” involved a lot a research and learning.  The information listed below is a compilation of that work.  I hope you find it helpful.  Mike Kuna

Can you give some real equipment recommendations?  What is GOOD, what is BETTER and what is BEST?


Sure, let’s look at some realistic rigs that offer both quality and value.  After all, any idiot can put together a great Podcast Station for $10,000.  Unfortunately, most folks don’t have that kind of money



The Shoestring Rig


The least expensive way to record decent audio is by using an USB style headset.  There are many to choose from.  The headset provides a microphone to record, headphones to edit and an USB sound interface.  This option offers great portability and super easy set up.  When you are done, unplug and toss the headset into a drawer.  Naturally, there are also some limitations.  The sound quality will be quite acceptable but not as pristine as more expensive options.  In addition an USB headset is only for a one-person show.  This option does not easily adapt to a co-host or a guest.


Equipment Recommendation:

The Logitech Deluxe USB Headset

I have tried many headsets; including some expensive ones and I have often been disappointed with their woolly sound. This headset sells for under $40 locally or under $30 on the Internet and it sounds great.  One caution:  The first one that I used had a loud hiss that was absent on its replacement.  This fact may make it a better choice to buy locally so you can exchange it easily if you get a bad one.



The Basic Rig


It only takes a little more cash to upgrade your Podcast station to an USB microphone. By doing this you not only improve your sound but also increase your stations versatility.  There are many choices that range from under $50 to well over $200.  When it comes to Podcasting the value sweet spot is around $100 as these microphones offer both excellent sound and good value.  An USB microphone easily allows you to create a show with more than one person.  In addition you can record other venues like lectures and music.  I have used all of the microphones listed below without a pop filter (see Pearls of Wisdom). On the downside you are limited to one microphone (typically mono) and that may compromise both your style and creativity.   


Equipment Recommendations:


Samson CO1U studio-style microphone.

This USB mic sounds great and it is suitable for both voice and music.  It is very solidly built from metal and resembles the type of microphone that you would see in a recording studio.  It comes with everything you need, except a microphone stand. This is a directional type microphone. Highly recommended.  


Alesis USB Podcasting Kit

This kit gives you a desk style microphone, a stand and even some nice headphones.  Sound quality from the mic is excellent and it tends to have a lighter, crisper sound than the Samson mic making it great for voice.  This is a directional type microphone.  Because you get more stuff, the build quality is lessened and the microphone is constructed mostly of light weight plastic.  


Blue brand, Snowball USB microphone

Although made of plastic this oddly shaped microphone clearly has a professional feel.  You can switch it from being directional to omni directional making it more versatile than the other two microphones.  It sometimes comes with a microphone stand as a bonus.  I always have to add a little EQ when I use this microphone.  Usually, the resulting sound varies from very good to outstanding.


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