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It is easy to listen to “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike.”  If you would like to subscribe to the FREE service just follow the information below.  There are 3 options.  The last one will show you how to sample the program without subscribing (but please do subscribe!).

Easy Steps to subscribe to “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike.”

Option if you have an iPod or if you just want to listen using your computer. This is the simplest option.

1. Make sure that you have the latest edition of iTunes.  If you don’t you can download it for free here.
2. Click on the Podcast icon which is located on the left side of the screen.
3. Type in the search box, Psychiatric Secrets Revealed.
4. Locate the program and click on  Subscribe.  

You can now listen to “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike” on your computer or download it automatically to your iPod.  Once you subscribe, new weekly episodes should automatically download to your computer!  Remember, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Option if you have a non iPod MP3 player (Creative Zen, Zune, etc.) or if you just want to listen using your computer.

Typically, this is a two step process.  First you use a FREE program (there are many) called a Podcatcher.  These little programs allow you to subscribe to a Podcast which they will automatically download to your computer’s hard drive.

Two popular Podcatcher programs are Juice and Doppler. Once you have one of these programs on your computer you then need to add the address for “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike.”  This will allow the Podcatcher to find our program. To do this you need to copy the URL listed below and paste it into the URL window in the “add a feed” section of the program.


You can have the program automatically search for new episodes of “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike,” or you can disable the automatic capabilities and manually ask the program to check for new programs.  These options are usually found in the Preference/Options section of the Podcatcher Program.

If you are interested in listening to “Psychiatric Secrets With Dr. Mike” only on your computer you do not need to go to step 2. To listen to our program, just locate the MP3 file, double click on it and Windows will play the file.

If you want to  load “Psychiatric Secrets With Dr Mike.” into your non-iPod MP3 player you need to instruct your computer’s media player software to do this.  Alternatively,  you can manually drag the show’s MP3 files off your computer’s hard drive and onto your MP3 player’s drive.

That’s it!  Now you can listen to “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike” at your convenience.

Options to listen without subscribing

If you would like to listen to “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike” without subscribing, you can go directly to our Podcast Blog  page by clicking here.  This page has a brief description of each show.  Find the MP3 file for the show that you are interested in. Right click on the MP3 file (which will look something like PSRExx.MP3, where xx is the show number) and save the show onto your computer.  Then locate the file and play it.  It is possible to “stream” the show off this site by left clicking (or double clicking) on the MP3 file.  However, streaming performance can be poor with annoying “buffering” pauses.  Therefore, it is recommended that you always download the file for a better listening experience.

Don’t forget, once you have downloaded the show, it is a file just like any other.  You can attach it to an email and send it to a friend, copy it or delete it just like any other computer file. Remember, that no subscribing information leaves your computer.  Subscriptions are absolutely anonymous. We do NOT collect information on our subsribers. Subscribe for the best listening experience, you can unsubscribe at any time and subscribing is FREE.

Happy Listening!
Dr. Mike

Psychiatric Secrets is now on hiatus.  However, there are 95 shows that you can download and enjoy.  We hope to return to production of new shows later this year.

Psychiatric Secrets is back on the air with great new shows.  We are now posting monthly, on the first Sunday of the month.  Tune in to hear the latest information in the areas of mental health, Psychiatry and general wellness!