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Our Podcast, “Psychiatric Secrets With Dr. Mike” is now being broadcast!  Instructions on subscribing are listed when you click on the link at the bottom of this page.

What is a podcast?
A good way to think about a podcast is to combine a radio show with a magazine subscription.  Like a radio show, a podcast is an audio program.  Like a magazine subscription you subscribe to it and it is delivered to your computer every time a new episode is created.

Will there be a subscription fee for this podcast?
No, the podcast is free.  You can subscribe to it at any time and unsubscribe at any time.

Why are you producing this podcast?
We consider it a service.  It is amazing how much mis-information is out on the web.  We hope that this podcast will provide the listener with reliable, quality information.

Do I need an i-Pod to listen?
No, podcasts are in MP3 file format.  Once these files are automatically downloaded they can be played on any computer.  For convenience they can also be automatically downloaded from a computer to a MP3 player (including an iPod).  In fact, they can even be attached and e-mailed to a friend.

Do I have to subscribe?
You can also listen to podcasts as  streaming audio but it is better to download the file as it will then play without the annoying pauses that streaming audio is famous for.

How Do I subscribe?
Click here for the easy directions.