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Most individuals have a variety of skills and talents that, on the surface, do not seem to be related to each other.  I have always wondered what would happen if I combined some of my skills and talents to produce something unique.  For me, I love to teach, I am technical and I’m educated as a physician.  I decided to try to combine these aspects to create products that would help others.


Depression What You Must Know

This 90 minute DVD provides a solid grounding on the topic of depression for lay people and non-MD professionals alike.  I’m very proud of this DVD and I had hoped to create other DVDs on other psychiatric topics, but (at least at this time) the time commitment is too great.  Depression What You Must Know  involved over 800 hours of my personal time to research, write and produce.


Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike (PSR)

Now a monthly FREE Podcast on mental health and wellness issues, PSR is a show that brings together experts to explore various topics in mental health and wellness.  The goal was to provide free information that was reliable and of very high quality.  The show has been very well received and the time commitment to produce it is much more manageable so I can see it continuing into the future.


Saving Savvy With Dr. Mike

October 2008 will be a month well remembered by many, as this is when the stock market crashed.  Many of the affluent patients in my private practice seemed to have no idea how to cope with rough times.  Coming from a blue collar background I was already an expert on saving money and I decided to put together a series of YouTube videos on the art of packing a lunch (and doing it well).  Saving Savvy has become an experiment for me, and it doesn’t have the structure or limitations of the products listed above.  Anything that I think that could be of benefit to someone is likely to become a Savvy episode.  Money saving tips, product reviews, How-To videos, all are fair game.  Search for me on YouTube with the key word: drmikekuna.


Make Your Own Podcast

On this web site you will find a lot of technical information on putting together your own Podcast.  Most information sources (radio, TV) are owned by very few companies which can limit non-commercial information.  Do you have something to say?  Do you have a topic that isn’t commercial enough?  Create your own Podcast on the topic of your choosing.  I spent many hours learning about this process, my knowledge is FREE to you.  Don’t just sit there, start changing the world, one little bit at a time!