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I’m not an engineer, so creating my DVD, “Depression What You Must Know,” and my Podcast, “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed with Dr. Mike” involved a lot a research and learning.  The information listed below is a compilation of that work.  I hope you find it helpful.  Mike Kuna

The Great Sound Card Shoot Out


These clips give you some idea of the difference that a good sound card makes.  The set-up consisted of a premium Mackie Onyx Mixer and a MXL v67 studio-style condenser microphone.  The output from the mixer was then sent to the respective sound device.  I was surprised that the on-board Realtek  card sounded as good as it did (this card was useless  when I paired it with a computer style microphone).  However, you can clearly hear the difference when I plug into a Creative Lab X-Fi and the sound goes from good to great!


On-board Realtek Sound


Creative Labs X-Fi Sound Card



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