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Please read the letter to providers if you have not already done so.  If you are a health care provider and are interested in learning more about becoming a limited distributor of the patient education DVD, Depression, What You Must Know I will be happy to send you a CD-ROM Sampler, free of charge (and no obligation).  The CD-ROM contains over 20 minutes from the actual DVD and includes information on topics ranging from how medications work  to Vagal Nerve Stimulation.

Included with the CD-ROM will be a very short survey that I would ask you to fill out so I can improve future DVDs on other topics.  If you decide that you would like to explore a limited distributorship after you review the CD-ROM, check a box on the survey and I’ll email you the details.  

To get your free CD-ROM offer, simply send me your business card and a note on letter head stationary requesting the CD-ROM to:             
CD-ROM Offer for Professionals
Michael Kuna, MD
1725 S. Naperville Road, Ste. 206
Wheaton, IL 60187
What’s the difference between the CD-ROM and the Retail  DVD?  The DVD contains over 90 minutes of information which is divided into 12 chapters (it also has a time index).  The DVD will play in a set-top DVD player in full resolution on a television.  The CD-ROM has only 21 minutes of video and it plays from your computer’s CD-ROM Drive.  There are no chapters.  The video on the CD-ROM is 320x240 pixels,  it is in Windows Media Video format which will play on all recent PCs.  In addition,  it will play on  a  MAC if you download Microsoft’s FREE media player for the MAC (use Google to find it).  The CD-ROM  has been recorded on CD-R Media.   NTSC (US) video format only.