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I’m not an engineer, so creating my DVD, “Depression What You Must Know,” and my Podcast, “Psychiatric Secrets Revealed with Dr. Mike” involved a lot a research and learning.  The information listed below is a compilation of that work.  I hope you find it helpful.  Mike Kuna

What kind of software will I need and will it be real expensive?


There is an endless variety of quality audio software.  If you currently have some that you like, continue to use it.  The two programs listed below will do everything that you need to produce a quality show.  In addition they are relatively easy to use and outstanding values.


Audacity/LAME encoder

This program’s motto should be “the best things in life are free” because it is a totally free program.  You can download it at: http://audacity.sourceforge.net.  Many Podcast sites refer to Audacity as “good starter software.”  However, I’m here to tell you that this free program is powerful enough to be your main recording tool now and in the future.  With Audacity you can easily record your Podcast, edit out all of the flubs, combine several segments of your show together in one file and use a variety of FX’s (like EQ and compression) to sweeten your sound.  When combined with the free LAME MP3 encoder you can easily convert your finished product into a high quality MP3 file.  Since Audacity is free you are not restricted by license agreements and you can run your copy on multiple computers if needed. I have used this program exclusively to produce many of the PSR shows and it has never failed me.  This is a super program at a super price (free!).


Sound Forge Studio (SFS)

This is the little brother of the professional Sound Forge audio program.  It is an outstanding value at around $60 and can be found at stores ranging from Best Buy to your local office supply big box.  Despite being very reasonable in price it has about 90% of the functionality of its big brother.  Sound Forge Studio is a stereo only (not multi-track) program.  With that said it is very easy to combine multiple sound files into a single show.  In addition, the program does have some compositing capabilities so you can mix two different sound sources together.   SFS comes with a variety of powerful, but simplified FX’s but its real strength is the power of its editing function, which is both elegantly simple and powerfully robust.  This program is renown for its stability (crash proof).  I have been using this program a lot and the more I use it, the more I like it.  SFS is an outstanding value.




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